GOT 200 dollars to spend on a yoyo. What should i get

any recommendations? :o

I would recommend that you look at all your other what do you recommend topics.

Take your pick from the Yoyo Recreation line. The Sleipnir and Stargazer are both phenomenal.


And that is what we call a burn, sir.

Have a hayday on the BST

Get a proton. I’m all about clyw but after I bought a proton I’ve only been throwing the proton it’s literally one of the best throws I’ve thrown. And I know that’s said alot but this is one that unlike any other has captured my attention more then an other throw I own and I have alot. The proton is a great bang for buck deal it plays just like a turning point would but not as expensive

check my bst in my sig, Im selling a almost perfectly mint 2nd run AC for $105 Shipped!


What are your preferences?

Today or over the weekend I am going to write up a guide on how to ask for help on a new throw. A simple copy paste layout, where someone can just input information that pertains to them.

Edit- and please try not to post multiple times on this section, without even getting your first question solved.

Get a 3YO3 Capella amazing underrated Delrin throw for $75 and then get a Proton

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