180 bucks and don't know what to choose?

well as the title implies i have 180 dollars that i want to spend only on yoyos, so should get 2 or 3 and what should they be and why you chose them, or a yoyorec or something like that and why you chose them i really want to make up my up mind and want something extremely pleasing, i want stablility and horizontal playablity i dont care that much about grinds anymore i just want the best what would you choose
thnx i appreciate it guys

I would either get the yoyorec overdrive because it has great stability for both regular and horizontal play and doesn’t lose any spin time in either axis. My next choice would be either the yoyojoker double joker or double joker LF. The reason I say either one is because they’re both great yoyos to perform horizontal play but if you want an undersized yoyo then the double joker is for you but if you want a more full sized yoyo then get the double joker LF just know it has quite a different feel since it’s full sized but only 61 grams. I have one Double joker and two double joker LFs (3a) and made a routine to the song “The Joker and the Theif”.

I think that you should go for a couple of nice $80 dollar throws. Maybe a onedrop chik (amazing yoyo) and a YYF new superstar. Hey, then you can grab some strings!

I have the perfect solution…get a Genesis and Supernova, along with two of those Bearing (CTX) and Stickers Pack. With a YYF throw, you get that pack for only $5! Thus, your total would be…wait for it…


Then again, you would have to throw in $5.50 for shipping, but it is worth it.

BTW, I was talking about the 2012 Genesis, not the new one.

Well, it depends on what you already have? If I were you (but without these throws if you already have them), I would get a bunch of good ones. I would get a Dv888, Raptor, Echo, and a Dash. If you already have those, I like this recommendation:

Now, if you want to, which I might do as well, is save up your money so you can get even better ones. If you got to $200, you could get a Dv888, Raptor, Echo, Dash, Shutter, etc. (pick two) and get a Duncan Barracuda that a friend of mine has. He really enjoys it and has told me how much he likes it quite a few times. I would recommend that on his behalf. I will hopefully get one in January or February some time.

Why get 2 or 3 great throws when you can get 1 beastly monster? Quality over quantity :slight_smile: i recommend the YYR Gleipnir.

Or maybe you want a competiton set, 2 supernovas or Chiks and you’re set.

Want to try 2A? Get a decent 1A throw like the WRATH along with a pair of unleashed, maybe some poly/cotton strings too.

3A? 2 Genesis’. Or are you new and want a plastic. 2 Protostars. You could get a Wrath with that too… Or maybe you’re already a 3A pro and want to try The Real 3A(3 yoyos instead of 2), get yourself 3 protostars, you could get a cheaper 1A throw with them too, like the new Shutter.

Want to try 4A? Get a Wrath along with a Go Big. Already a 4A pro and want a real high end? Get a Jet Set.

Want to try 5A? Go with a destiny and a Wrath for 1A. Already a 5A pro and want a high end? Get a yyj Quest and maybe a Shutter for 1A.

Yo got lots of choices :slight_smile:

What brands are you willing to consider?

I think C3’s Movitation is a model worth considering, as well as the YYF Equilateral and 2013 SuperStar, the Rec/Rev sine//saw and most V-shaped yoyos with a lot of weight pushed to the rim edges. But there are a load of models that are great for horizontal playability at all price brackets including stuff not typically V-shaped such as the Positron, Strix and Barracuda(to name a few examples).

The biggest key towards successful horizontal play, aside from a yoyo that’s better compatible with it(low walls and/or a bump around the response zone) is your ability to do the style. Having something that’s got a reputation for being great at horizontal just gives you a great head-start.

Best? That’s all a matter of preferences. If it matches your preferences, it will be pleasing.

In my experience the more expensive throws ($150) range and up really are way better than the throws in the ($35-$55) range. Some people say an expensive throw is only marginally better but I truly don’t see it that way. I only have 6 throws under $60 so not like I have a huge sample size but they are nowhere near my $145+ throws in quality, spin time, bearing quality which isn’t that big unless a cheaper throw just has a dud, stability, and even looks sometimes. I also want to try quite a few in the ($80-$130) range since there are so many with great reviews.

Just my 2 cents.

Get a Protostar or Shaqlerstar, a Rally, a Yeti and a MagicYoyo N12 and with the change buy strings and bearings!

Get 1125 kitty strings.

Pshhh, YYSL’s where it’s at… Toxics are even better if you don’t mind a string that’s a little rough

Get 10 classics, 10 wide bearings, 2 tubes of flowable silicone, and 300 kitty strings.

Or, save up another $20ish and wait for the Draupnir to come back in stock. That’s what I’d do.

Draupnir is still buyable.

Get a chief.

the new Werrd Friuture (due in about a week I think) is all sorts of amazing, at about $130 which leaves you around $50 for something else, maybe a Yeti when they come back in stock

I’d get a chief, summit, or wrath.

I like the Summit

I also like the YoyoRecreation Messiah

Me too. Also people seem to love (or over hype) the chief. And mordo made some posts about the wrath and people love it.

SPYY Amplifier is also an awesome throw!

Every SPYY I tried is an awesome throw