what would you get if you had 200 dollars to spend on yoyos?

here’s the thing shipping and string and parts are covered the 200 are only for yoyos what would you get and what do you think should i get i want a yoyo that can do horizontal is stable and long spinning i want it to be really good and fun if you can help please do you can even recommend getting to cheaper yoyos what should i get here from yoyoexpert

Dv888, Echo, Strix, Raptor. That would set me up for a while. :slight_smile:

Gnarwhal or avalanche + yeti

well, if i were you i would say, Barracuda (my favorite yoyo overall its sick!) Shutter and Rally

Shutter,minute,and spend the rest on gold bearings.


With $200 I’d get:

The other option would be to just pick up a berserker RX and alpha crash

I’d get a glacier express or cliff and a shutter

H3X, token, classic, & shutter would be what I buy

Chief and ge… Used…

I’ve always wanted a glacier express or cliff

Right now a avalanche or bvm2

Chief and another summit. From the BST of course, so I could afford like 4 more rally’s.

A Schneider and a sandwich

Go buy a Rally and then use the other $150 to put towards a PS Vita. :slight_smile:

A summit and a shutter

And 2 unleashed.

Super G (already have a Shuttter) and a G Funk. I wanna get all of Gentry’s sigs someday.

I’d get a ILYY Trvth… and possibly a p22 if the truth didn’t run me the whole $200

A berserker, response pads, and string.