I don't want to spend more than $45

I got some Christmas money and I want to buy a yoyo no more than $45 I may go a little higher but I would like somthing

Of any size
Floaty and smooth or fast and smooth
Good for string tricks
Long spin times

Any help is appreciated thanks in advance

Yoyofactory shutter … Hands down best choice

Edit - apparently you got a shutter for Christmas lol. In that case I suggest the echo two, only mid priced throw I’m eager to get

It looks awesome but do u know how’s it plays?

It plays great. It spins forever and if you get the blasted versiok its good with grinds, it doesnt play super fast, but it can go fast if you push it. It is extremely stable (especially with a CT) and it is very smooth too.

Sadly the echo 2 just came out so not many people know how it plays but from the shape I can tell it is killer for horizontal, finger spins and the grooved gap is probably decently good at grinds. Plus a liscensed dife-yo Kk bearing …


He’s asking about the echo2 :wink:


Oh sorry.

U dont have to be sorry u were trying to help :slight_smile:

If you could save longer the cafe racer is magnificent and a perfect pocket throw. But at your price the Rally is one of the best ever. It’s one of the smoothest plastics on the market and can still grind. Plus it can basically do any trick out there

I have rally and its so awesome you’d never know its plastic
Just to be clear I already have
Yyf monster (it got stripped can’t use it anymore)
Yyf dv888
Yyf shutter
Yyf gfunk
Yyj re extreme (haven’t played with it in forever so i think that’s how u spell it)
Clyw chief
Yyr sliepnir
Recrev sine//saw
Dm2 (it got stripped too)

Since you already own a Sleipnir, almost anything you buy will feel like a downgrade… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d hunt the B/S threads if I were you. It’s suprising what $45.00 can buy you over there…

I’d check out the yoyoofficer Aura

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ya sliepnir is so awesome but I still have a lot of fun playing with all my other throws and I don’t buy or sell or trade yoyos with other people its to risky

I think I might go with the yoyo officer aura,crayon,or fit anyone got a good review on any of those

DI base 2 and echo look cool too but I haven’t played either of them so any reviews would be very nice

I heard great things about the aura, it has small craters on the sides so it can do finger spins very well, and it’s v shape is great for horizontal and speed.

I love doing finger spins I just haven’t figured out how to bind it back yet and I love fast yoyos I think ill get the aura unless Somone convinces me to get somthing else

Any objections if not I’m gonna get the aura

I was also interested in the yoyo officer hatchet

i have a aura and it doesn’t play as great as I thought it would. It doesn’t have a good finish for grinding at all and almost no lip for irg. Mine has ok spin times but not good enough for me. Mine is also a little vibey.