Help please

Hey everyone. I have 200 to spend with tax and I don’t know what to do. I’ve goin back and forth several times.
Fast, preferably not having to be pushed.
Horizontal ready
Mid to full sized
Grind able
Trying to find something that I could possibly get two of.

I was gonna say two Electric Flash yoyos, but that will run you $220.

I would personally get two different yo-yos. I would get a YYR 6, a YYR Messiah, and a YoYoOfficer Aura. The first two do not meet your specifications but are amazing steals for the price and the YYO should fit your bill nicely.

looks like my math was off. My apologies

You could get 2 prodogys but you would spend around 230$ or you could get 1 prodogy and 1yomega glide

Mo-vitations seem like they would be pretty nice if you could find them in stock
Maybe a pair of chik’s
The others that come to mind is the superstar and supernova

I also think YYE is getting the Yoyo officer hatchet soon which looks like it should meet the preferences

superstar is legit

Two of the new blasted Shutters. $90. Get 2 CenterTracs and a 100-count of Type X string or Twisted Stringz Trixtra. With tax and shipping, you should STILL be under $200

Thanks for all of the responses! I was just wondering, how do the chik and superstar compare? Is the superstar still capable of tech even with its wider structure? Also, how is the chik with horizontal? Which is faster?

The superstar is not what I would call fast. You should check out the c3 capless it’s like 70 bucks and it’s fast stable and is pretty good at horizontals and it fits in your budget

werrd irony jp

These for sure.

You could just send me the money.

The Chik handles horizontal brilliantly. Not saying it’s my recommendation per se, just answering that question.

Frankly, if you have to ask a bunch of yoyos here how to spend $200, you really should consider not spending it.

Do what studio said :stuck_out_tongue:
Blasted shutters are amazing, can grind, horizontal, and can be fastish
Type x string is AMAZING! I love the island green color as
It’s really visible to me :stuck_out_tongue:
If ur getting 2 yyf yoyos, make sure to get the yyf
Sticker pack that is $5(originally $12) with purchase of yyf yoyo.
Comes with a center trac X ball at half the price!
With all this, you should still have $$ leftover :stuck_out_tongue: