got 50$ bucks to spend what should i buy

i got a 50$ visa to spend , i want to spend it on a yoyo, ive been thinking of ,ECHO2 (I LOVE EXTREMELY ANGULAR V SHAPES),rally,yoyofficer,nueaue (however you spell it)

I love v-shapes too. I have a CZM84VK but that is out of your range. I am planning on getting an Echo 2 as well so if you get it before me, tell me how it is. :smiley:

In other words, Echo 2. The Echo (original) is really good. I have one of this. The v-shape version should be awesome.

get an echo 2 or a blasted shutter.

yoyofficer aura is also really intriguing to me. i need to pick one up soon.

how about two different yoyos?

what does bead blasted or blasted mean anyway

i was wondering that two like maybe two speedaholics or two psgs

Rally or Blasted Shutter I’d say

Pretty sure the C3 level 6 should be released on yye soon enough and that would be my choice

nah id take a $30 yoyo over two $15 yoyos any day.

quality over quantity.

shutter if you don’t have one

So i guess its betwween shutter and echo 2

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^ this if you like V shapes.

If you don’t go for the shutter (which I highly suggest you do) I really like the look of the minute by werrd which is undersized with a great grinding surface. or a C3 Level 6 which looks simply fantastic with a shape reminiscent of the alpha crash (slightly oversized). Both will cost you all of that $50 so if you don’t have much suplies, I would buy an echo, strings, response or a spare bearing.