YoYo to get after Rally

(LordCanti) #1

I am looking for my next yoyo in the $40-$60 range. I like V shapes (Rally) and kinda dislike undersized and Organic shapes (Velocity). I’m looking for a yoyo for finger-spinning, horizontal, and high stability and was thinking about getting a Shutter or something from YoYo Officer.


The yoyofficer Hatchet is great. I like it more than my Shutter. Not saying that the sShutter is bad, I just prefer the Hatchet.


Maybe look into the C3 Level 6. Plays great and has some pretty sweet looking ano options.


(LordCanti) #4

Thanks, I forgot about the Level 6. I was also debating waiting for the YYO Musket, and Lava to be offered on YYE, and yes one of the major factors in getting YoYoOfficer is the sweet colorways. ;D


If you like big V shape yoyos that can do finger spins at an affordable price, the Duncan Echo 2 is RIGHT up your alley

(LordCanti) #6

I like the grind-ability look of the Echo 2. I just realized that I forgot to ask if bead blasting/soda blasting helps… since I’d like to do lots of grinds. I am also looking for the yoyo to go at a speed equal to or a little faster than the Rally.


I’d go for something from yoyofficer. Either the hatchet,the new musket or the new lava. They make really incredible throws with great prices. You can’t go wrong with yyo!


beadblasting makes a considerable different in grindability

(Bína) #9

Yoyoexpert already got shipment with Lava and Musket, not sure when they release them.


I would wait for the Musket. That is what I am doing.


Shutter, one of the best playing yo-yos ever, especially for grinds and finger spins and those sorts. Grinds and finger spins are my favorite tricks to do and the Shutter excels at both. You need to pick up a bead blasted shutter though. or else it won’t preform nearly as well in that aspect. The Shutter can also handle and horizontal tricks. It is just such a beast of a yoyo.