General Yoyo reccomendation.


Ok, I am having a very weird moment were I can’t think of a yoyo to get, so this is where you can help. I have a shutter, horizon, gradient, onestar, and protostar and I want a good yoyo. What should I get. It should be under $100 and preferably be able to do finger spins. Should I wait for the yeti or go another path. HELP!!



any of the newer yoyofficer
They’r just like clyw and yyr had a kid in their honeymoon trip to China


Do you think that the YYO Kilter 2 is a good choice?


There’s lots of options:
Werrd Irony JPX, 86400
C3 Movitation
Onedrop Downbeat
Duncan Torque
Yoyofficer hatchet 2, Nifty
Yoyofactory Cyborg 2
Turning Point Shake

I’d say to look around and grab whatever looks best to you. Fingerspin wise you’re gonna want flat hubs and a V shape though.


Reviews say it s good for 3a and 5a

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Stacked Catalyst is still in stock.


USA Made

Z stacks