My first metal yoyo.


I got the Replay Pro last year and from what I can say It’s awesome. Although the Replay Pro was good I started getting into Finger Spins the Replay Pro was ok with Finger Spins but I need something better, I began saving up money on December and I have $100 (Christmas money) I can spend anything on. I was thinking of YYF Shutter, YYF Horizon, or the MY Katana. I have watched reviews and they’re all pretty good and was gonna settle with the Horizon but wanted to know any other Yoyos that can perform better. It would really help me if one of you guys help as the more money you can spend usually makes it hard to pick.


Have you looked at this: First metal yo-yo?

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Probably get a Horizon the Shutter is not too great on finger spins or if you are willing to spend it go on BillyBob’s and get an Atlas yoyo (~70$) or an YYF Edge or IyoyoSteel. If you really are new and can’t do finger spins than go ahead and buy a skyva

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2 things:

  1. You don’t need the 3 letters in there about the other store. You could just say get an atlas :wink: That way you get your point across without going against rules :wink:

  2. I would get a move (from yye of course :wink: ) if you want something that is cheap and good at finger spins. Horizon is good as well but not the best if you are just starting to learn finger spins in my opinion :wink:



I would get two yoyos with that amount of money. Atlas and a Skyva maybe, or a horizon and a shutter.