New user, re-cooperting thrower :)

Hi everyone my names Michael, and as a kid I used to be pretty good with a yoyo for my age at least, now however I have grown up and looking to seriously get back into throwing. It’s a hobby I have always loved, but I have a question. I need a good yoyo, so which should I go with: YYF Replay Pro or a YYF Shutter? I know the Replay Pro is Much cheaper, plastic, still durable. But I can’t really find a comparison between the two of these, I’ve heard their both great, so should I just dish out the money for a shutter and be satisfied?

Depends,the shutter is ok for everything but doesnt excelat anything-get it if u like to be an all-rounder
Another suggestion would be the Horizon-but that only if you really like finger spins and some horizontal play,also-its a bit bigger then the shutter-both are great.

Well my original plan was to buy a replay pro and a loop 1080 since I really enjoy looping, but I just feel like if I’m basically paying $50 bucks for both of those anyways with shipping why not just buy a shutter and wait for the loop 1080 until later. I saw the Horizon and read that the shutter and it were pretty similar it just seems like everyone has a shutter, maybe I’m just new to all of this again.

I would get both… The Replay Pro to learn new tricks, and the Shutter for when you have mastered the tricks you’ve learned.
If I were to choose one, I would recommend you the Shutter. It was my first metal throw and it’s really great. Floaty, stable and very smooth. Oh! And pick a nice color way to go with it :wink:

What is re-cooperting?

I do not agree with the statement ‘Shutter is ok for everything but does not excel at anything’. It was actually my top three choice for grind tricks which I do quite a lot. Horizontal tricks? no problem, fast tricks, slow tricks? no problem.
If I were you, I’ll get the Replay Pro and 1080. The Replay Pro can do pretty much anything 1a, and learning 2a is a good way to teach yourself how to not give up easily.
Once you feel pretty good with what you can do with Replay Pro, get a Shutter.

I feel like nowadays many people complain so much about little things. For example ‘this yoyo is just ever so slightly unstable I can’t do horizontal tricks on it’ or ‘I can’t use ctx bearings because they are are less stable than konkave for this and that trick’, to the point it’s ridiculous. Most modern yoyos are really good to the point you don’t even have to worry about getting a bad one (as long as you’re buying from a well known store).

That being said, I’m not even a fan of Yoyofactory, it’s just they are actually very good.

It all comes down to personal preference.
If you want to loop, get a looping yoyo, if you want to do 1a, get one of those.

Best advice I can give is, go to Target.

Are you at Target?

Good. Buy a Butterfly XT.

Does it say “XT” on it?

It has to say xt.

Good. Now play with it till you wear out the string and if you are still into yoyoing, buy some more.

TOO Hot is the best yoyo ever. But, that’s just my opinion. Everyone has one.
I mean, mine happens to be right, but some people haven’t quite realized that yet.

I am in a similar boat to the OP - yoyoed a lot as a kid, just starting to learn unresponsive play. After reading a bit, visiting this site, and others (like, I decided the Horizon would be a good starting unresponsive yoyo for me.

Having used metal yoyos as a kid, I knew i wanted a metal yoyo. Finger spins seemed like fun. The Horizon is pretty low priced ($45) and got good reviews on spin, stability, grinds, and spins. I went with it and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to ;D - but I would highly recommend it.

I am greatly enjoying getting back into yoyoing, and expect I will buy a high end yoyo soon. I gather that the performance of a $150 yoyo will not be 3x better than a $50 yoyo, but there will be noticeable improvements. At the moment, I am thinking the Masumune (one really expensive one, rather than likely ending up trying a few 100+ bimetal yoyos), but am still investigating and won’t likely purchase anything for a few months.


I would steer a new yoyoer away from even the Butterfly XT. If you want a good responsive yoyo then I would suggest the new Replay (For the OPs benefit the Replay is responsive, the Replay Pro is unresponsive). Yes, the Butterfly XT is cheap, but for $15 instead of $6 you get a vastly better yoyo with the Replay.

Regarding the Replay Pro vs the Shutter: You’ll probably end up getting both ;D The RP is an excellent plastic yoyo and for $15 you can’t really go wrong with it unless you were expecting a responsive yoyo and get frustrated trying to learn the bind. The Shutter is pretty much a standard yoyo which everyone seems to own. Whenever you see a review of other mid price yoyos they always seem to make a comparison back to the Shutter because its such a well known yoyo.

And yes, the TOO HOT is also my favorite yoyo. That thing is super stable, super smooth, and very comfortable in the hand.

BTW, since the OP is just getting back into yoyos we should let him know that this is an obsession. A year from now he’ll probably have a dozen yoyos and this topic will be moot :smiley: I’ve only been throwing for a bit over a year and I already have a Shutter, 2 Replay Pros, a Replay, a YYF One, a DV888, a YYF Boss, a YYF FLight, two 1080s, a TOO HOT, a Magic Yoyo N12 Shark, a Magic Yoyo Silencer, a YYF Dogma, a Duncan Butterfly (garbage) a Duncan Butterfly XT (slightly less garbage) and a Duncan Freehand Zero (very slightly less garbage than the XT) as well as a spin top and a couple of Kendamas.

Hey, I can quite any time I want to. It’s not an addiction. :wink:

I’m with you, but with shipping you’ll its just hard to beat $6 bucks for a yoyo right now, that will do all of the beginning tricks pretty well.

The replay pro is amazing, You will enjoy it. and for just 16$ how can you not. I’d say buy it. The shutter is another great choice designed by the same player who made the replay pro. Now if you get the replay and enjoy it. I’d say take your time and get to know the first few set base of tricks. Beginner, intermediate, expert. And if you feel like you want to continue in yo-yoing, then come back and grab a shutter. It is also a great yoyo. It excels in anything you throw at it. Rizki gives some great advice. Some people just like to complain about anything they can think of. And Yshu doesn’t seem to know what he’s saying about the shutter. Again, take my advice, and Rizki’s as he knows what he’s talking about. Morgoroth also has some good advice about buying a Duncan and if your still interested after learning the beginner tricks, then buy something more. All you really need is a replay pro and you can learn just about any trick you want.