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So im going to get one more yoyo before i stop buying them for a while because im not made of money ,im 13 and im going to save up 100 dollars later for a new yoyo, ive got my eyes on the edge yoyo ,space cadet,metal skyva,sensei or horizon ultra. If you didnt notice im looking for a yoyo that can finger spin so im open to people selling yoyos to me that finger just looking for that one good yoyo before i stop getting yoyos for a long time. I wish i could get more ,but yoyos are expensive and im not sponsored.REMINDER:im looking for just one yoyo in particular not multiple un less its a really good gonna stay off the yoyo market unless someone magically keeps giving me yoyos lol.

if i could do one thing on an island it would be FINGERSPINS!

I say look into getting the MOVE by C3YoyoDesign. That should be in your price range. I have the Curvy Donut Man, which is a little more than $100 but it finger spins very nice

And if the 4th of July yoyo sales are still up, you can get the Curvy donut man around $85

They are yoyos that can fingerspin. The Pax looks like it can fingerspin.

If you are not made of money, why buy a 100 dollar yoyo?

At this point in your yoyoing journey, why spend 100 dollars on a yoyo that can fingerspins when you can spend 54 or 55 on a yoyo that can fingerspins?

I am talking about the czechpoint pivot, which is fantastic for fingerspins, and the metal skyva, which is equally fantastic.

I don’t want to tell you how to spend your greenbacks, but just consider your options before you choose.
Good luck☺

I second the choice of the Czech Point Pivot. What a great throw for $55. I haven’t tried the Metal Skyva, but I’ve heard great things. I think you can’t go wrong with either of those and then you won’t have to save for as long to get either one :slight_smile: or save up $110 and get both ;D

i bought the c3 move its so good

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I’ve been curious about the move - it looks like a big version of the c3 token, which is somehow really good for fingerspins as well.

its the easiest fingerspin yoyo i hve its so easy even if your bad u get good fingerspins i can finger spin for like 20 sec on my skin on my nail its like a 46 sec

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