What's your favorite fingerspin yoyo?

(Ian sims) #1

So I have the horizon yoyo and skyva and the compass yoyo which I love but I’m looking for another yoyo to add to my collection that can fingerspin.yoyo officer yacare,I yoyo 2,c3 yoyo design m.o.v.e? Or Czech point pivot which I have my eyes on.im gonna get horizon ultra in the future probably.so any suggestions?what’s your favorite finger spinning yoyo?


Yoyo with small hub in the middle like Too Hot, Czechpoint(non pivot), Dreams can fingerspin a bit, enough for a quick bind

Yoyo with flat cup like Shutter, Orbis, Replay pro, can also fingerspin to the extent of small tricks, but once the yoyo flat out, it will wobble

Yoyo with smooth radius cups like Horizon, can spin for a loooong time, but need a learning curve. Will spin better with smaller finger contact (fingernail) but really need to control finger while moving it around

Yoyo with deep dimple, like Skyva, Pivots, Fingerspins is too easy to spin, and resistant to wobble while moving around the finger/yoyo. But due to deep of the dimple, the contact point is more than the cup type, the spin life is less than that of the cup type.

yoyo with shallow dimple like the yacare, m.o.v.e maybe, or even the jackknife have shallower dimple, that helps the spin life better than the deep dimple type while still able to held the yoyo at center, negating the wobble while doing tricks.

I would say to learn FS on the dimple type to get a basic understanding of FS, the migrate to the Horizon to find out that your FS knowledge is crap. Get a control in Horizon FS, being able to run some trick on this yoyo, and when you go back, you will know the noob feeling of using a dimple style FS yoyo, too easy, ttoooooooo easy


I feel the move is very underrated for its price. The fingerspins are great as well! :slight_smile:


Just close this site and go buy the jackknife

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Thx I already know how to finger spin on all my yoyos I just want another one that can,I apreciate it I found all the things you said about finger spins the hard way.


Metal Skyva releases tomorrow, definitely worth checking out.


Wait, what!?!? That’s a thing? Sweet!

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Oh my goodness a freaking metal skyva thx so much!!


C3 Fingerspin. Very long stable spins. Second place would be YYF Pivot. Good spins, but the response is kinda loose which makes binding more challenging.