Metal finger spin yoyos

What is your pick for a metal yoyo that’s great at finger spins? Just metal yoyos i.e. no hybrids because I perceive metal yoyos to be more durable, better machined and have less vibe. So that excludes the metal Skyva, Vapormotion, Iceberg even though those seem like reasonable options.

edgeless has a good finger spin cup

Retic Death/Puff Adders are awesome finger spin machines


Elysian by Farrrrr. Playability is insane along with the fact that it’s a beast for fs

The ones I have that make finger spins a breeze are (if you can find them on the BST)
-Yoyofreaks Hashtag
-Yoyofreaks Pound
-Eternal Throw Elysian

All 3 of these have index finger-sized divots that are fairly deep that are essentially auto correct for finger spins and will keep it locked in. For giggles, I decided to test the finger spin capabilities and try them on other objects such as a straw when I was at McD’s…made for some fun photo ops having a yoyo “finger spin” on top of your soda cup :slight_smile:

Other (easily available options) are:
-YYF Space Cadet
-C3 Token

Token looks like it has a sharp inverted cone toward the center that should lock in spins pretty well and if you want a mini yoyo to fool around with. The Space Cadet is pretty fun too. It doesn’t do “auto correct” though and you do have to be a little more accurate and gentle with landing.

And I know you’re looking for metal but I was pleasantly surprised with the Yoyofriends Dove…it’s smooth like a metal (it’s a delrin).

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The summer release / at pnwr horizon pivot wide angle beyond thingy

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Seconding recommendation of Death Adder 2 or Puff Adder from Reticulated Return Tops. Both have a giant fingerspin cup that is super easy to hit and then magically centers your fingerspin - fantastic design there. Death Adder 2 is one of my very favorite overall throws too. It’s awesome!


The Czechpoint Pivot is plenty durable. I’ve owned a couple and it’s a whiz at fingerspins.


Most of them vibe though, really ruins the unboxing experience when you realize you’ve received one.

Another vote for the Retic Adders. I only have the Puff Adder, it’s great for fingerspins, and I’d imagine the Death Adder performs similarly. Puff looks sorta dainty, but mine has taken a real beating, and is still smooth. Great finish for grinds of all kinds, too. It’s my EDC, and it’s the only throw I’ve snagged multiples of.
Second place for me is the Topyo Meta. Not as easy to land in the centering gimmick as the Puff Adder, but once you get there, it spins for a long time. Stable, and nice all around throw as well.
And as @Imdavid122 mentioned, the new Horizon might be worth waiting for (pic grabbed from the YYF insta):




I agree, this is a very capable and fun yoyo and it fingerspins for days!

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That new Horizon looks promising! If it’s indeed metal and not a hybrid.

I’d rather not be hyperbolic - it’s not actually days.
You can clock a good 2 minute fingerspin on one, though.

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It’s crazy how far fingerspin technology has come. I would of recommend and still use the Strix, YYF Marco, and Shutter but fingerspins come down to more of what locks your finger in now and days.
I would recommend the anything that the commenters recommend before. Just realize that most of the new YYF fingerspin throws are a two piece design, so it might be more prone to vibe if you ding the throw.

I also vote for puff/death adders. I have both and they are amazing.

Honorable mention goes to the edge. It doesn’t have a self-centering dimple, but it has a huge cup that is easier to catch than the above or any yoyo I’ve ever tried. It is by far the easiest to do finger spin tricks where you pop the yoyo up and catch it multiple times.

I bought a Czech Pivot specifically to learn finger spins, and so glad I did. I can fingerspin on nearly anything now, even throws I would not have thought would be spin friendly. I have a few of the Czech Pivots now, I highly recommend for learning finger spins. I can’t speak for the Adder or Puff, but in a few days I can. ;]


The Shudder

Sengoku ECRIM, amazing for fingerspins, the crazy design is an added bonus.

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