Other yoyos with a finger spin area like the Edge


I’ve been really trying to work on horizontal play and finger spins lately. Specifically I’ve been working on Evan’s trick “Spin City.” Long story short, the only yoyo I can do this trick on is the Edge (original). The way that yoyo is designed, the bowl is incredibly deep and rounded with a slight bump in the center. This makes it very easy to catch, but more importantly it doesn’t spiral off my finger if it lands with an angled tilt.

I’m looking for other yoyo’s with that “bowl” shape. I don’t think I necessarily need to have a center bump. Even a dimple will work, but I need something that’s deep enough to not spiral out of control if I land at a tilt. Here’s a few of my experiences with other yoyo’s just to give an idea:

Wedge - I cannot for the life of me do this trick with it. Even though it’s the yoyo he used in the tutorial. Unless I land it dead center in the dimple, it will horse-shoe spin out of control.
Horizon - Pretty good, but with the bowl not being as deep, it’s harder to land the second hop and is more vulnerable to tilt. For some reason it doesn’t spin as long. Usually it will start to wobble after the first arm-hop. Not sure why since finger spins is what it’s known for.
Shutter - IF I can land it in the center, it’s the best yoyo for this trick. It’s just too hard to land in the center on all 3 hops.
Skyva - This does the same thing the wedge does albeit not as bad. If I don’t land it in the center, it will spiral off my finger. Sometimes the bowl will guide it to the dimple but not always. I suspect it’s just a weight thing with plastic.


Have you tried a Czech Point Pivot? Got one out of the mystery bag… first throw and I landed a clean finger spin.


Reticulated Return Tops Puff Adder is crazy good for fingerspins with a giant catch area


theres nothing wrong with plastics and finger spins, ive tried finger spins on the wedge and its all about how your finger is positioned, and the way you throw the yoyo. the best way for all fingerspins is to have to finger pointed towards yourself. the way you throw the yoyo must be almost perfectly horizontal, not at a 45 degree tilt, and this spins out on me too. the tilt will cause your finger to touch the rim, and will eventually stop much quicker than landing a finger spin on the dimple.

(Neil J Baker) #5

Check out the Retic Yoyo Puff Adder. Its a fingerspin beast.


I think you’re right. The tilt is my biggest problem. I’m still getting used to throwing with an inward spin instead of out like a Frisbee. I can keep it level and spinning for a long time throwing it outward.

I haven’t been that conscious about the exact direction of my finger. I think it’s slightly bent and pointed toward myself. I’ll have to check that when I get home.


Haven’t tried the Czech Point but I’ve been eyeing that for a while.


2 recommendations for the Puff Adder. I’ll have to try that.

(André Boulay) #9

A few things:

With the WEDGE - try throwing ‘harder’ than normal - like really strong ‘snap’ of the wrist… The faster the yo-yo is spinning and the more ‘horizontal’ - the better it will allow you to ‘snap’ to the center without wobbling out of control… That and the SKYVA should ‘snap’ into place much better with a strong throw.

On EDGE and that inner shape, etc. Are you using one finger or two fingers?

(Tyler) #10

Another vote for a Czech Point Pivot - easiest yoyo I’ve tried to do finger spins on

(André Boulay) #11

Yeah - Czech Point Pivot really ‘snaps’ into place! The other one that is surprisingly amazing is the metal version of the ARROW!

(Justin ) #12

I love the Metal Arrow! It feels compact and strong, and it’s on the narrow size, making it great for improving accuracy.


Just using one finger. I feel like I’m throwing it hard enough but I’m definitely experiencing that uncontrollable wobbling. If I do land it without wobbling then the wedge will usually spin for at least 30 seconds.

Part of it is my inexperience throwing like this. Sometimes I throw the yoyo at an angle even though I’m trying to throw it completely horizontal.


Any yoyo is a fingerspin yoyo if you believe in yourself.


What about a Eclipse Ogre or a Freehand? :wink: or maybe a Chameleon?


Any yoyo is a fingerspin yoyo if you believe in yourself… enough :rainbow:


The 2 sick gecko can handle ANY finger spin trick. One of the few I can switch fingers and hands. Like a light horizon with crazy deep bowl.


Like… the DV888?


Yeah, if you are fingerspinning from INSIDE A TRASH CAN maybe


:joy: :joy: :joy: