Fingerspins with Center Bump/Spike

(Jim Honaker) #1

Who is successful with fingerspins on these types of yoyos? The Edge, K-Edge, YYT/YYF Canon, etc. How do manage to utilize the feature? Mine just woobles around them.


The bump/spike is just for aesthetics or part of the design, they’re not used for fingerspins. When you do fingerspins on those yoyos your finger should be going around the outer surface of the cup. The yoyo isn’t supposed to be centered like with a Horizon or Skyva


You can finger spin on spikes, but takes a bit more practice. I mainly used them for pullstarts. Something to remember: you dont have to dead center a finger spin. Few tricks (actually 0 I can think of) require it to center.


I’ve always heard people say you can fingerspin on spikes but I’ve never actually seen a video of it other than a fingerspin from a pullstart

I’ve done multiple fingerspins on axle nuts before like the Markmont and Valor but I’ve never done one on a spike before


I can finger spin with my Chief, Edge beyond, BvMr2 to name a few. But with yo-yos such as those you want to land it on your finder at an angle and whip the string right as the yo-yo goes completely sideways and starts to orbit


If you get good you don’t have to throw at an angle. It looks better that way too


Agreed. I can do just fine landing it fully sideways with consistency. But I figured that way might help him


If I get a spiked yoyo sometime again, I’ll make a video :+1:


Ok now I have to try it again. Time to grab my Lunar Wind

Edit: No. Just no. This has to be fake news :joy:

After over 100 attempts I couldn’t even get close to a spike fingerspin. Back when I had a Theory, I could land fingerspins on that pretty consistently. I can fingerspin on the dimple of the Hummingbird and Movitation(even though they’re not intended for fingerspins), I can fingerspin on axle nuts like the Valor, but spike is a complete no go. I can do a horizontal throw and grab the spikes with my thumb and index but that’s about it.


I think this really does help a lot. It can be just slightly off horizontal. It helps control the yo-yo, and gets it started on its orbits.

Also try to relax your finger. It should have some flex in it, especially the tip.

I know the Horizon doesn’t have a hub or spike, but I think it still is essential for yo-yos that don’t center.

(Victor) #11

You can definitely finger-spin on yo-yos with a center spike. I wasn’t aware of this until I read this post, but I just tried it on my Madhouse - Compulsion, a few minutes ago, and I can confirm that it works. On the edge, it’s more difficult because the bump will not allow your finger to stay centered for too long. But I only tried for about a minute or so on that one. So I can’t say for sure. Now, regarding yo-yos with spikes, what you want to do to get it to work is to use the rims to help you center your finger. Also, try using the middle point of your finger and not the tip. Gloves help a lot. Hope this helps!


You can fingerspin on a yoyo with spikes but I’m wondering if you can fingerspin ON the spike :thinking:

without a pullstart or anything of that nature of course

(Victor) #13

Oh, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, I meant ON the spike. And, yes, it can be done without a pull-start.


Okay so if I land a fingerspin and use the edges to center my finger on the spike then yeah it works but I can’t just hop straight into a fingerspin on the spike like I could on a dimpled yoyo.

Man, I thought fingerspins were the one thing I was actually good at :sweat_smile:

(Jim Honaker) #15

Thanks for the help and support everyone. I am staying somewhere with zero signal so very limited access.

Yes my original question was referring to spinning on the spike. I just can’t get it.

({John15}) #16

Isn’t that called a Toro spin or something?


If someone has an OD with spikes that they would sell for $20 or less, I’ll put up a video :+1:

({John15}) #18

Or an old spyy


I have plenty of extra OD spike side effects if you want some. Just cover postage.


I have 0 OD yoyos. I could put them in my spin worthy but that would be cheating :joy: