Fingerspins with pointy hubs


Do you guys do fingerspins on yoyos with pointy hubs, like Sesh, Ti Dream, pointy OD side effects, etc. It seems like it would actually be helpful if you can get the point spinning on your finger. Granted I’m just learning fingerspins, but I’ve tried it with pointy-hubbed yoyos and it seems pretty much impossible. The only yoyo so far that I can get stable spin on is a Shutter.

How about rounded hubs and flat hubs?


if there is a hub at all it will make them harder. Your finger will land on the side of it. It is possible to do fingerspins on yoyos with hubs, they just will be shorter than other yoyos like the Horizon.


Meaning like actually landing on the hub/spike or landing to the side of it and doing off center?

I assume it’s possible on like OD spikes, but is any of it worth the time to learn? That’s up to you to decide. When I used to have a dv888 I landed it dead center on the hub/outside axel hole (I hope that makes sense) and it would spin really well.

If you meant just off center, that’s how I pretty much learned and once you get used to it, it becomes really easy. I used to be able to do a decent finger spin on a whip and bring it back tornado style I believe :stuck_out_tongue:


I love fingerspins with my al dream, but I don’t catch it on the hub. I catch it around the hub. If I am using a glove and keeping the yoyo at an angle, I can fingerspins quite well


That’s called a matador spin, when it’s on the spike. But you can finger spin just about any metal yoyo with a nub or spike if there’s room for your finger.


I have finger spinned on the spike on a Werrd Minute, and the spike on a One Drop benchmark, it is quite fun and different techniques must be used for each. I would think the hub would have to be pointy and a particular size to really work.


Thanks all. It seems like getting the hub point to spin on your finger would work just like a spin top, but it doesn’t seem to want to do that. I think I’ll just get the basic finger spin down first on a yoyo that’s better designed for it.


Ed Haponik can hold a Flying V horizontally between his thumb and finger then pull the string and let it spin with the spike resting on his thumb like a spin top, but I don’t recommend trying it, it hurts!!