Your favorite yoyo for finger spins


I’ve had some pretty good success with the AC2. What yoyo is your favorite for amazing finger spins?


Superstar, 2013 Luis Enrique Genesis 69.5 gm, Movitation. CZM8, Shutter (Blasted). Ya. About so

(2Sick Joey) #3

gambit and shutter are the best I’ve used for fingerspins.

(Bína) #4

You mean horizontal finger spin, right?

I quite enjoy these tricks and also had long debate about this with some people really good with them.

Most yo-yos with flat hub is OKish for it, that includes yours AC2 and these YYF Dragonegs listed. If you practice enough, you can do most tricks on these. To get better results, you need this flat surface smaller, so your finger dont move too much around. That is design on Duncan Strix and Echo2.

Some throws want to look good for finger spins, this is for example Yoyojam Theory and Yoyofactory Shutter. These models spin really long on your finger, but they are worse for tricks, since you have to be really accurate to land it on finger, due to really small area where you can land it.

To get really best, yo-yo must have special design to it, something that keeps finger on one place and is also really open, so you can land combos easily. So in my experience really good are Movitation, Dymension and Yoyofficer Aura. Best one is without any doubt Yoyojam Quest with Lateral caps.


I find shutter to be the best for me. I can get 7-10 second finger spins and it isn’t that hard to land it in the area needed to do this.



(Yiyang Wang) #7

C3yoyodesign Motivation, there is no competition.


Bonfire is the best I own. Spike doesn’t get in the way at all and spins or a good amount of time.

(major_seventh) #9

Prestige is tricky but when you get it it’ll go forever


Super super tricky to actually land on it. I saw a video of Alex Gallimore doing it, but his was the only one.

I do fingerspins all the time on Prestige, but I do it matador-style: holding the yoyo between finger and thumb (with fingernail contact) and pull-starting, or doing that same hold from breakaway and then turning the yoyo horizontally.

Be that as it may, due to the difficulty of a hop-up landing, I hesitate to call it “fingerspins” any more than I do for yoyos with spikes.


Irony JP is a little better for them. The Mo is the 2nd best for me though.

The Strix beats both but its polished so any skin will significantly shorten the time.

Then there’s ones like the Prestige and Titan3 but I’m not going to count those considering it’s pretty hard for anyone to land a fingerspin on those consistently


Found a lot of success with a Quake


Barracudas rock it.


The puffin 2 does quite well!


mocitation and dymension are amazing at them. Movitation was designed for the best fingerspins possible and the dymension uses the same hub design.

The Hub design Duncan uses for the Echo’s and strix is also amazing but the finish on the yoyo is glossy and really bad for them but when you wear down the anno(or blast it or sand it) they get amazing for them.


Has anyone brought up the Yomega Prodigy? I speak very highly of it, cause I know Daniel Dietz. And not because “I stalked him on Instagram and found out what Starbucks he goes too” because that’s creepy, I’m just his Friend. But finger spins on the Prodigy are amazing. My friend landed a 4 min finger spin on it. It’s crazy but it wasn’t a full on finger spin. He went from a trapeze and made it horizontal from his thumb, but it was nuts.


Do you mean 4 seconds???
I think 4 min would be a bit tricky…



(major_seventh) #19

You mean once the caps have been sanded smooth right? lol


Nah, it was on his thumb nail. It may have been 3 mins, but I had it on Video. I’ll see if i can find it