Cheap yoyo for fingerspins?

I’ve been looking to get into fingerspins for a while now, and as hard as I try I can’t seem to get it right. I was wondering if the small dimple in the hub is necessary for proper fingerspins, or should I just keep at it?

Either way, I was hoping to add a dimpled yoyo to my collection as it’s a peculiar little feature that I think is pretty cool. It seems that the new YYJ Theory would be capable of decent spins, but are there any other alternative yoyos with a dimple that you recommend? Preferably less than $50, but any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance, guys.

I can’t really think of dimple yoyos except for G2 and C3 ones but maybe the Mo-vitation will be a low price!

But the I decided to look at all the list of yoyos to find you one!

The Token has a weird looking dimple/nub, haha, and that’s 30… maybe that can work but I think the rims mean otherwise.

The Yomega Dash and Maverick have some dimple things and they’re 40.

Ding ding ding! The Yoyofficer Aura ($50) has an inverse concave thing which specifically states in its description “The round concave side is for a top-on (horizontal sleep atop a finger like a spin top)”
It may not have a dimple but it has a purpose!

But that about cuts it for anything under 50.

I think I might pick up an Aura myself now that I’ve learned about it, haha.

Most of the other dimple yoyos I see are around the 80 range but they’re not apparent as the g2 Albatross or Nessie and C3 Capsule and Dark sonic and upcoming mo-vitation

I’ve found that having the dimple has no effect at all for horizontal finger grinds. For example, while my Maverick does work pretty well for those, my Genesis works the best out of all of my yoyos.


A dimple is concave. Your finger will go “into” it.

The Token has a nipple, not a dimple. A nipple would probably make fingerspins more difficult. I can’t for the life of me imagine doing a reasonable fingerspin on a Token.


I have a C3 Dark Sonic and a DS Wrath. While the Dark Sonic is easier to do a finger spin on it’s not because of the dimple, it’s easier because the side opening on the Dark Sonic is more confined and centered while the Wrath’s is wide and opened and seems to push away from the center.
Silver with Splash is DS Wrath and the Purple is C3 Dark Sonic

The dimple really isn’t that deep and it’s pretty hard to land on it considering that there is a rise before the dimple. I can do finger spins on both, it’s just easier and more consistent on the Dark Sonic. I’d recommend a Dark Sonic and if you look through the BST you can find some for under your budget. I got mine for less that $50, although there is one ding that breaks ano.

Awesome! Thanks a lot guys, it’s reassuring to know that I can learn without a dimpled yoyo. I may have to snatch up a Dark Sonic still though, it’s a beauty.

YYJ Theory. It spins super long on finger spins, its also more affordable but the price is WAAAAYYYY too cheap, that yoyo is worth $125 not $65.

Little trick I learned from a mate of mine: try doing the finger spins with two fingers instead of one. I can get a pretty consistent finger spin on an Avalanche (which has a nipple).


I have seen my friend puffin on here do some crazy finger grinds when he posts his next video he might do some cause he’s incredible with finger grinds on his chief!!

it depends on the finish and the face shape like my irony ans avalanch does it amazing

Seriously dude, YYJ throws are all worth less than their price. Don’t know why you’re so obsessed with them.

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He’s not the only person who thinks it’s worth more than it actually is. Just go and look at any review on yye about them. You also have to account for the fact that there made in America and not in China like yyf, nothing against things made in china.

Has super long spins on my finger when
I do em!
Odd huh?

Made of Delrin lol

Same material the yyj theory’s caps are made of.

I have not had the problems that I have had with yoyojam as I have had with yoyofactory. The theory is not over priced, it is perfect priced, it is in the play range of a 65-80 dollar throw. It is a good smooth throw by a great company.

I believe they are polycarbonate, or at least feel like it. Chances are they are celcon.

I have fairly good success with spikes, not dimples. I would check out some cheap spiked yoyos.

Celcon and delrin are basically the same material, just different ways to manufacture them.

For all intents and purposes it is celcon.