Finger Spins With General Yo Prestige

I did it!!

Is it harder than normal on the Prestige?

Was it just me, or was that first spin like really, really long… Like maybe one of the longer finger spins I’ve seen… But again, maybe that’s just me.

It is kind of difficult. The yoyo has to be completely horizontal to land it. If it’s at any kind of angle it’ll spin off your finger.

It would have gone for another 30-40 seconds if I let it. It barely slows down while it’s on your finger. It was spinning close to full speed when I was attempting to bind.

Is it just with that yoyo or can you fingerspin really long with others too? :o

Nice! Btw how’d you get a prestige I haven’t sen any on sale…

I asked The General :wink:

Any yoyo that has a dimple like the prestige has can do finger spins for an extended amount of time. I just one to go for 1:33 off of a regular horizontal throw.


u can do the same with berserker rx :P?

I don’t think the berserker rx has a dimple…

thats why i ask :stuck_out_tongue:

haha he probably can, but it’d take a bit more practice :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do finger spins on anything. It won’t spin as long as something with a design feature to make finger spins last longer.

Well done! I remember seeing that feature on the Prestige and thinking, “gimmick*… no way people are actually going to land on that thing, compared to a flat cup or indented cup (Mo-vitation for ex).”

I was wrong!

  • whether I thought the hub was a “gimmick” or not, always thought the Prestige itself looked legit! Must to get one…