Best yoyo for fingerspins?

Recently got my fingerspins consistent and I’m in love. I havent loved a trick this much since the skin the … tricks. So I’m looking for a fun little yoyo that is awesome for them and will give me some pretty long fingerspins but also be decent at 1a as well. I was looking at the Mo-vitation but it’s sold out… soooo… what else… I’m not going to set a price range because I want to explore my options but I’m not gonna pay like $250 for it :wink:

The best yoyo for it that Ive tried is the KLR, so something better… Ive heard the Arctic Circle is a good one. Thoughts?

Try to find a skywalker on the bst. Or get mostly any c3, most can fingerspin pretty nicely!

andy I will teach you how to do it on any throw, free sunday?

I can do it on pretty much all of my metal throws, but some fingerspin better and/or longer than others.

And Jesse, isn’t the skywalker like REALLY expensive nowadays? Or am I thinking of something else… and besides the mo-vitation, the capsule 2 looks promising, Krown too.

The Werrd Irony JP is a finger spin beast.


Not super expensive. You could get one in really good condition for less then 100 for sure. But it’s really really good at fingerspins. Probably the best in my collection for fingerspins.
Oh- forgot an amazing throw for fingerspins- the Werrd Tre!

best yoyo for me is the Rockefeller, hot,and irony jp. the theory,quest with caps and xlr8 are made for it. the shutter, new superstar, and new genesis also get honorable mention.andthing with a flat face really

Irony JP seems promising. I need to give werrd another chance :smiley:

More suggestions please… How’s the Arctic Circle vs. the irony JP?

Arctic cirlce has a protruding hub you need something flat. It possible and I do it all the time on the ac but for longer durations get the irony

The Chief and BvMr2 have the protruding hub. The AC has a convex hub, which isn’t as friendly for fingerspins. I think that’s what you meant and I do agree with you.

As far as for longer spins, you need something flat or concave. There’s so many good shapes for this trick these days that I think we’re going to see fewer yoyos with a central hub for the axle while this trend matures and plays itself through. Finger spins are here to stay.

Just going to reiterate what studio said. Anything that has a flat or concave cup will do fine. You could fingerspin on any yoyo, it just won’t spin as long.

However fingerspins on a Capless are a little tougher to control. You could land it on there but then it just starts to spin around your finger instead of on your finger. So something where the inner most cut is small-ish. If that makes any sense what so ever. If not I’ll try to make a video or something.

Convex! Thats the word lol, but the yyf hot is a good throw with a nice hub for finger spins also

The Crucial Cupcake is pretty awesome in my opinion. It’s what I learned finger spins on last fall.

Why was the CLYW Cliff not mentioned?
It finger spins better than my JP! Its one heck of a finger spin yoyo.


Strix. Was made for them. It was a key part in design.

I would say Mo-vitation as the absolute first. That YoYo was designed for them. That’s kind of Ethan’s special are finger spins. His first freestyle on C3, I believe it was his eyyc but that doesn’t sound right, was entirely finger spins practically. Check it out.

Skywalkers are also pretty excellent also, but I’m trying to scoop up all of those :wink:

I agree the cliff is good at finger spins but the jp is better imo