best yoyo for finger spins?


What do you guys think is the best yoyo for finger spins? Is the Chico yoyo co. Heavy hitter one of ge best for finger spins? (I heard < that somewhere

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       is the yyf supernova good for them?


I’m going to say the quest with lateral caps. Lateral caps are by far the best mechanism for finger spins.

Chico Heavy Hitter looks terrible for finger spins. Generally you want a concave inner wall, but a flat wall can work, but not nearly as well. A convex wall like the heavy hitter just won’t work well.

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The Duncan Strix was made for them.


C3 Movitation


Agreed and yes Supernova is good for grinds.


Supernova is not that good. I’ve tried and you can but the little extra step in the cup makes it kind of difficult.


Theory is good, but it is a different skill. Hard to learn, but spinning at the end of your fingernail endlessly. Lateral caps are the same, very good.

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Any yoyo with a cup can do it. Theory also. I do fingerspins with almost anything but a surge. So really the yoyo isn’t the main factor for it… Mo-vitation is amazing for them though.


I’ve found that the caps on my Theory are really hard to grab, and once you do it hurts and doesn’t spin very long. Same for fingerspins. However, my Supernova is VERY good at fingerspins.


The recrev f(x) is better than the quest in my opinion


OK, half of you are saying the supernova is good for it, and the other half is saying it’s bad. Can I start finger spins on it? Like I’ve never tried before, is it “beginner friendly”?


Xcube aware is great too.


Should be.


If the Supernova is beadblasted, it should work.


C3 dark sonic or mo-tivation


The supernova lite on the other hand is amazinf for it also the H.o.t is amazin for finger spins


Get a Strix! The cup was made for them… I’ve tried my friend’s Strix and will get one soon and review it in a few weeks.

Go to this thread to see what the Duncan Strix is capable of:,61233.0.html


This yoyo was literally designed for Finger Spins :smiley:


I didn’t get to play a Supernova for very long, but it had kind of a “sticky” non-blasted finish to it. Unless you’re spinning directly on a fingernail and no flesh whatsoever, I can imagine that being a problem.

Do some Supernovas come blasted? I didn’t know that. I think the Lite came blasted or with some other sort of friendly surface, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a similar Supernova.


supernova lite has a tuble blast like fanish great for finger spins