Best yoyo for fingerspins?

Yea, I’ll probably get the JP. It’s cheaper and Wilson’s been telling me I should give Werrd a chance and it seems to be there best, or at least most popular throw. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

but just curious, is the JP blasted?

Not sure about the recent re-release but the older Irony JP has a tumbled finish. Probably one of the best non-blasted grinding services IMO.


I’d go for the tre…It’s cheaper then the JP (pretty sure), and in my experiences, is better then the JP at fingerspins.

The Tre $20-30 cheaper depending on where you buy. Haven’t had a chance to try one, but if the finish is the same as the Irony JP, it certainly looks to have the right shape and cup for finger spins.


Get strixy

The Oxy io and the Oxy 5 are pretty good but a little bit harder to control. The chief is good very stable and feels like it’s doing the work for you. The puffin is also pretty good but still a little hard to control. The irony jp is probably your best bet on a yoyo for fingerspins because I had a blast when I got mine.