Tips for fingerspinning on a One Drop Spike SE without a pull-start?

I learned to fingerspin a little over a month ago, and lately I’ve been trying to see how easy it is to fingerspin on different types of yoyos. I’ve found that if I’m using a One Drop with Spikes, like the Legendary Terrarian, I can successfully fingerspin it when I do a pull-start while holding the spikes. My pull-starts are new too, so while I can manage to fingerspin and bind it, there isn’t nearly as much spin to work with compared to starting with a horizontal throw. If I try to fingerspin from a horizontal throw, I can only fingerspin it when my finger is alongside the spike deep in the bowl. I’ve never been able to throw it horizontally and actually land the spike on my finger, so I was wondering if anyone actually does this and if it’s worth pursuing. If so, does anyone have any tips that might help me?


I don’t think so. Landed it a couple times on sharp spikes like G2s and a Muse, but was really just luck. Seems exceedingly difficult.


Its doable. A more reliable way to do it is to pop the yoyo onto multiple fingers to stabilise and then transfer onto your desired finger. Ofcourse this means less spin time which might defeat the purpose.

My recommendation would be to get better at pull starts but its still a fun challenge if you wanna go for it.


Thanks to both of you for helping me out with this. In the last week, my pull-starts have improved quite a bit - but only on yo-yos with a fingerspin dimple. I’m still not great an doing it with spikes, but hopefully that will improve as I build up some callouses and practice some more. It had never occurred to me that you could land with multiple fingers then switch to just one. But now that you mention it, it seems pretty obvious. I’m going to give that a shot and see what I can do. Thanks again for the perspectives and ideas!

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