Need help on fingerspins.

Hello, so I need help on fingerspins. Specifically on keeping it centered. I can keep it on my finger, just not have it centered and not be spinning around crazily. I have a video on my channel of me doing a finger spin (Trying) Please, post a comment if you can on that or if you cant on this. Thanks!

Just to make sure, are you using the Horizon?

There isn’t really a problem with the yoyo not being completely centered. After all, when you do fingerspins on most yoyos, the yoyo will rotate around your finger, not stay in the center. Only yoyos that are designed to center your finger do so.

I think that is a pretty good looking finger spin! The Skyva (maybe Basecamp Sherpa? I don’t own one) has a small indent to help center the yo-yo, but with the horizon I find that keeping my finger tip “loose” helps the yo-yo center and lessens the wobbling/progression of the yo-yo.

I am using the horizon. And I need help on getting a “loose” finger. I mean, I know what it is just not on how to get it.

Oh, and thank you! I’m thinking about getting the shutter to help me “Center” it. Maybe the skyva, I don’t even know what to get by now.

Your fingerspin looks good to me. The loose finger thing seems to happen slowly as you practice it. It looks like you’re headed in that direction. There is really no “need” to get a yoyo that centers at your point of ability with fingerspins. I’ve found that fingerspinning a lot with them is actually detrimental to getting your finger to loosen up.

At least for me, finger spins were all about practice practice practice. You’ll get it sooner or later. Like Andy said, it honestly doesn’t have to be dead center. Actually a lot of yoyos you can’t dead center but they still work very well for finger spins.

For those who like a challenge, learn to dead center a dv888. I landed it once and it spun great! Never could get it again :stuck_out_tongue: beginners luck :wink:

You don’t need another yoyo to learn them. It doesn’t get much better than the Horizon.

I learned fingerspins before fingerspin-designed yoyos and finger-centering yoyos were a thing. I can fingerspin on a Skyva, and I can fingerspin on a Protostar or a capped Dark Magic. Once you get it down you can really fingerspin on any yoyo.

Some people keep their palm facing them sticking their pointer finger curved up but I found it easier with my palms facing outwards and my finger pointing straight up since I had more stability and it didn’t spin out of control as much.

For those that wants a real challenge, try fingerspinning on a Protostar. But, keeping your finger loose is another way of saying keeping it relaxed. Relaxed? Have your finger turned up and try to wiggle it lightly. That is how relaxed your finger should be. Believe it or not, it’s hard to start learning how to do it on a Horizon. But after you get it, you can always do it. I personally learned best on my Elysian. It worked great. But, if you really feel like you need another yoyo, look into the Horizon (again), Skyva, Jacknife, Sherpa, Elysian, Curvy Donut Man, the M.O.V.E, and other things like that