Horizon finger spins

I see a lot of people say the horizon is great for finger spins, but that’s not my experience. I’m pretty bad at finger spins in the first place, but I have much better results with yoyos like the shutter, skyva, and n12 that have a defined center area.

Is this just a skill limitation? Right now the wobble-ness of the horizon greatly decreases my spin times. As I get better should the horizon surpass these other yoyos for finger spins?

The horizon does have a larger learning curve. However I have used many fingerspin yoyos and all pretty much have resulted in generally similar spin times. The Elysian would be the exception, with relatively longer spin times. If you get used to something and find how to refine your skill with it, then I would say you can do near or as well on it as on what is possible with a horizon.

The horizon is good when you can do finger spins properly but other yoyo like the c3 fingerspin and move are better for that and are easier to learn on

I’ve heard what everyone else says is true.

(The Horizon is good for FS, but you have to really work on it.)

But I have not experienced it yet.

I can do finger spins reasonably well, but I still don’t have this “dead finger” think that everyone talks about totally down.

I would just say do what you want.

Full disclosure, I learned fingerspins on a Too Hot.

instead of a dual stage hub like you see on a bunch of yo-yos just made for fingerspins, the horizon gives you a large bowl shaped hub. this allows you to catch and correct without hitting the rim with your knuckle. you really have to relax your catch finger and bend your knuckle a little so the yo-yo can float.

Makes a lot of sense that the full bowl allows for an easier catch. I think the issue is just that I don’t play with my horizon much. I can get some good spin times on the shutter. Although I think Morgoroth is correct in that it doesn’t require much of the “dead finger” technique as bowl shaped yoyo’s.

Everyone says that “bowl shaped yoyos require your finger to be soft.” I never figured out what that meant. I personally do not like the horizon for fingerspins (or in general.)

I had the exact same experience as you. Couldn’t fingerspin on the Horizon to save my life, even though I could do it on other yoyos. Then I woke up a few weeks ago and could. Go figure.

I do that with so many tricks. I’ll fail and fail and then just one day miraculously be able to do it np