Do you think the shutter is good to LEARN horizontal finger grinds?

Is it easy to learn on? Or should I just wait until I get a better Yoyo for it?

Now if you are already pro don’t say “oh yeh it’s easy to do horizontal grinds on the shutter” I’m asking how easy/hard it is to LEARN on the shutter.

I feel like the unique inner thumb grind ring would make it easier to land it on your finger, am I wrong?

Do you mean finger spin? if it is then yes it’s easier than most yoyos out there.
It takes practice though, so don’t expect to do it first try.
Relaxing your finger is the key.

I would recommend the Horizon if you’re learning how to do horizontal finger grinds. It would be much easier.

I’m currently using the Shutter to try to learn horizontal finger grinds. I’m not very good at it, and I’ve found that the inner grind ring actually makes it harder to land the grind, because it doesn’t work well if you land your finger the outside grind ring (you have to land it inside the inner grind ring). Learning with the Shutter is definitely possible (because I’m doing it), but it definitely was not designed specifically for horizontal finger grinds, since the inner thumb grind ring makes landing it quite difficult, at least for a noob like me.
Like TripleOne said, the Horizon will probably be one of your best bets, in terms of learning, since it was pretty much made for easy horizontal finger grinds.

Why wait!? Go ahead and practice! ;D

Shutter was the yoyo I started finger spins with. I thought I was acceptable with it because I knew that I was horrible with it. It eventually started getting to 10 seconds or so. Then I got a Vanguard (and an Elysian) and the Vanguard has a completely flat cup but I eventually got better finger spins than on the Shutter. So I don’t suggest the Shutter for finger spins. You can start but you will end up not liking it.

If you want to learn Fingerspins, then get a Horizon. It takes a little work to get it in the right spot, but not so much as to frustrate you.

Personally I feel like Shutter is easier to learn on. It feels harder with a Horizon, like it doesn’t feel like concaved enough that even if I land on the center my finger can slip over easily, unlike Shutter.

I’d say just stick with the Shutter. Ignoring my hatred for the horizon I think it would be better practicing on the shutter since you already have it. No point buying a yoyo just to learn fingerspins on.

Personally don’t find it that easy to fingerspin with the horizon… Then again I’m not great at fingerspins in general ;D

Hmm so there’s a bit of mixed opinion, I might keep practising on the shutter, then get a horizon later. I was planning to get one at some time anyway.

What about the c3 move? That has a centering type of cup as well… Just a thought…


Yeh maybe…

Check out the riverbay yoyo bobcat ive been using it to learn finger spins it works great with the concave cup and it plays awesome check with charlie braun on fb he has bgrades for 30 fantastic deal

I also cannot easily fingerspin the Horizon. The C3 MOVE is easier while still requiring some effort. The Eternal Throw Elysian is the easiest of them all, with practically the only skill needed being the horizontal throw and then the hopping up motion. If you can get your forefinger into the hub, it kinda takes over from there. :wink:

I gave up on 1-minute long fingerspins a while ago, and enjoy doing the slightly-off-axis kind just as much; the Shutter should be great for those.

i just tried a horizon recently. I find that while the finger spins on a horizon last MUCH longer, the shutter is easier to land/do the finger spin. That ridge just forces your finger on plain and makes the yoyo go horizontal straignt away even if you throw wasent very good, while on your finger the horizons cup design slips of your finger if the angle is to great. Keep practising i can do them perfectly now on my shutter! :slight_smile:

I think it is a bit easier to land, and bind a fingerspin on the shutter. After doing it a lot of times though, my fingernail gets shredded (because of the engravings). When I was learning how to fingerspin, I practiced landing and binding on the shutter, and later moved on to using the horizon.

yes ive noticed that my finger nails are so short lol. Yeh the horizon takes more skill but it spins longer kinda like going from a fast 201 to a standard ball bearing, harder but a lot better in performance.

Talking from my experience, the Shutter isn’t good for learning fingerspins, but it’s great once you know how to do it properly. This was my experience with it, so it will probably be different for others. I think learning a fingerspin on a yoyo with a short hub or OD SEs is helpful in the beginning.