shutter? or horizon

hello guys
I have question
I want to buy a yoyo
I dont know wich one is better?horizon?or shutter?
I like both
I play horizontal trick and some slack trick (for example lord of the file,grandiloquent,Tylers I BE A MINUTE GT and etc) and horizontal finger spin,creeping GT,legionnaire and etc
with this Information wich one is better?

The Shutter is more of an all around yoyo, it can go horizontal if you want it to and it gives a decent fingerspin too. But I think the Horizon is a better match for you. It was pretty much made for horizontal play, it sleeps forever and itms fingerspins are crazy. Just my 2 cents

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If you want to buy one of them wich one do you buy?

Horizon fits all your preferences better than the shutter .

Get a horizon

Not a single bad thing I could say about the Horizon. Very fun yoyo and its extra size makes it stand out a little.

lukas why in video(the best yoyo buyers guide)Adam bottiglia says the shutter is better and he recommended
Im not begginer I play good but I cant chose one of them for me wich one is better
and if you want buy one of them which one do want to buy it

The shutter appeals to a broader group of players since its a fairly neutral design.

Horizon kills for horizontal and fingerspins

It depends on what your looking for. But i would say go with the shutter as far as all around performance.

Horizon is excellent for horizontal play. Although I would take a Shutter over the Horizon any day.
Better yet, get yourself a Shu-ta - In my opinion… It’s far better than either one! ;D

I love my horizon, to me, the shutter feels too light. Just my opinion

Exactly one of the reasons I suggested the Shu-Ta !!!

and for slack trick wich one?
lol ;D
sorry I have very question
thank you

I don’t like the way the Horizon comes down on a throw; it doesn’t feel right. There’s no “thunk” at the end of the string. Maybe it’s the Center Trac bearing, idk.

I like the Shutter better, but the Horizon is really fun for fingerspins.

Never tried Horizon but I have two Shutters which one is my main practice yoyo, and the other one is my guest yoyo in case someone goes “Can I try”. I love the way the Shutter plays, solid performance.

All preference, bro. The shutter is a very middle of the road kind of yoyo. The horizon is larger, so you will will have longer spin times and finger spins.

Simple answer: Do you like big yoyos and cannot lie? Get a Horizon. else: get shutter

If you don’t know what you like, I’d say you should get the shutter. Personally, I find that the shutter thuds at the end of the string, like it feels heavy, so I like the OD Benchmarks. They are much lighter getting to the end of the string.

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All yoyos play equally well with slacks. The only thing that affects slacks is the type of string.

Like everyone else said, Horizon’s best suited for horizontal play and it’s sleeptime is really impressive. The extra weight and large size is actually unnoticeable to me when i throw