Horizon vs shutter


Post here if you either go for team horizon or team shutter.

           Horizon all the way!


The right shutter is pretty versatile like for instance if you can get one like the yoyo expert one with no engravings in the cup area for the money it’s a pretty good yoyo for the money and I would be hard pressed if I didn’t tell everyone if able to get one


Horizon. While shutter is more comfy in the hand, the horizon is incredibly stable.


Can I be team Shu-Ta? I prefer that one.


Team QV! … oh wait, yeah Horizon.

The Horizon just fits my style better.


Shutter the though of not choosing Shutter!

(major_seventh) #7

Never enjoyed the weight distribution of the Horizon. Shutter for me.


i’d like to cancel out this vote with a vote for the Horizon.
they are both great yo-yos for the money, but
Horizon is the best, it is known.


Shutter for sure I love my horizon but I play my shutter alot more


We r currently at 4 to 4 I choose you, shutter


I dig the shutter. Iv got the YYE solid silver. Never let me down.

(Spinworthy Glen) #12

Oh it’s ‘known’ is it?.. Someone better tell Gentry Stein that its ‘known’ to be better.

It’s opinion.


Check your facts.

It’s straight facts that the horizon is better😋


Both are good, but I like shutter a little better.

(Spinworthy Glen) #15

Wow! Lock it in: the Horizon is better. It should say that in the product description on YYE so that people can stop wasting their time buying a Shutter.


He knows already, YYF had to pay their best player to prop up a sketchy model in their line up!

Anyways, it’s obvious this thread is rigged, so I am going to vote again for Horizon because I bought more than 5 of them.

Hey, some of my best friends play Shutters. Different strokes for different folks, right? It’s just that when I’m throwing a Horizon and I see one of my friends with a Shutter, I just feel a little sorry for them. The irony of that is they can all throw better than I can… but the Horizon is just that much better!!


SHUTTER all the way baby!!!


It’s hard to say if one is objectively better or not.
If you want a faster, more versatile yoyo, go for the Shutter.
If you want a more stable, longer-spinning yoyo (that isn’t quite as fast), go for the Horizon.
You can’t really go wrong either way.


I choose Duncan Butterfly.


Well said!