Help me choose something PLS

Cant decide pls

i have never heard of the Qu4ro… what is it exactly??

it s not that popular. it s a yyf yoyo i dont think it s still produced anymore.go search it,it preety dank.

The shutter and the horizon are both great, but very similar yoyos. In terms of verstility the horizon is basically made for long finger spins, the shutter you can do them as well but i think the horizon will get you more bang for your buck. But you really can not go wrong with either. They are both great to learn horizontal play with as well because of there shape and weight and size. So I would say go for the horizon so you can learn fingerspins better and add more tricks to your bag.


Having tried the shutter and horizon, I can say between the two that I much prefer the shutter. The shutter has a bit more of a comfortable “familiar” feel in the hand compared to the horizon which allows me to perform better myself. The horizon is great don’t get me wrong! Just not as much of a yoyo I would use very often. :slight_smile:

Shutter all the way in my opinion. The Horizon just has a weird uncomfortable shape to it IMO


I voted Shutter. Have you looked at the Cypher. In my opinion it is a far better throw.

I’ve heard of it. I think it was a Europe-only release.

The Shutter/Horizon debate is discussed partially here:,80140.0.html

…and within that thread I link to another thread where it is discussed even further. Inception style.  ;D

A dream within a dream within a dream then its limbo

they dont have the cypher a kid,i dont want to pay a fortune on shipping.Thx anyway