What is better?

What do guys think is better? The YoYoFactory Horizon or the Shutter?

I’ve never tried a Horizon, but the shutter is very good for its price.

i actually have both, the shuter is better if you like a more solid, full sized throw, while the horizon is more suited finger spins, horizontal and oversized and still solid (IMO at least). However if i were to pick i like the horizon more cause its smoother. (this even considering how dang short that axle is! it makes me scared im going to strip it if i unscrew the yoyo too much)

what do you think about yomega Glide?or werrd minute?
wich one is better?
I need your opinion

I have both the Shutter and Horizon, and I prefer the Horizon. They’re both very versatile, I just like the feel of the Horizon more. The Shutter is a very solid throw, by which I mean it feels very heavy while playing. The Horizon seems to float more, which I prefer. It just feels more nimble. And although finger spins are decent with the Shutter, it isn’t nearly as good as the Horizon for them; there are very few throws that will match the Horizon’s finger spin performance.