Thoughts on the Shutter and Horizon?


I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on these two. I’m honestly torn between the two. I’ve wanted a Shutter since it’s release but the Horizon also seems like a promising throw. I’d love to get both, but I can’t scrounge together enough within the time period.

Thanks in advance guys!

EDIT: Couldn’t get it before the sale - still interested in your opinions.


What do you like in a yoyo?
If your into oversized throws or really like finger spins, the horizon would be awesome!

If you like midsized throws that can still finger spin, but can thumb grind really well, shutter might be for you .
Both are good for horizontal play with their low walls, but I think the shutter beats the horizon in faster play, and the horizon is better than the shutter is spin times.

Both of them are great throws, so you cant really go wrong with either!


Hello. I don’t have either of these throws but from what I’ve heard:
Shutter is good at pretty much anything, being very all rounded.
Horizon is a more specialized throw, catering more to the horizontal lovers. It’s also supposed to be incredibly stable, which is why I am considering buying a pair in a couple months time for 3a.