Fingerspin help! (using horizon)

So my issue is actually getting the horizon to stay on my finger for at least even 5 secs!

Ive used a blasted shutter and can get way more time on there when i can land it in the center,

My issue with the horizon seems to be it ‘wobbles’? or it spins around my finger! is it the humidity or something? or have to land it straight in the center? or really need to focus using my nail?

any help would be appreciated!

Same thing happened to me on my elysian. The yoyo must be completely horizontal before landing the finger spin.


Yup make sure its totally horizantal and land the yoyo dead center and you’ll be fine.

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I had the same problem. You might be getting it completely horizontal, but I think you have to “break in” the fingerspins. That will occur with time. Just keep doing them and it will get better.

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This. With mine, I couldn’t get 5 seconds even, and was about to put it on my BST, but then I figured it out. You will know when you get it, because the Horizon will stay still on your finger, and spin smoothly for 20+ seconds. Now, after having it for about 2 weeks, I get perfect fingerspins every time. Just make sure it’s completely HORIZONtal. :wink:

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Good grief! Did nobody notice that I’ve made that joke like 3 times already?

I noticed

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A centered fingerspin and a cup-side grind are two completely difficult tricks.

Meh, so have I. :smiley:

The horizon does not get good fingerspins right off the bat. You have to play with it a little. He could very well be doing it right, he just hasn’t played it enough.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, and glad to hear people that had a similar mindset as mine (where i almost instantly regretted buying this thing) so that leaves me optimistic in a brighter future.

I’ve been doing the fingerspins with the shutter, so at the beginning been throwing at an angle for easy recovery if i mess up but now making it a habit to throw full horizontal.

So just as a review umm are you using your fingernail or flat side of finger? just curious cause horizon still wobbles on my finger after a few secs…

I can get away with somewhat flat finger on shutter with a glove on

Fingernail’s what you’re going for.

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