Tips on finger spin?

How can you get a good finger spin. Is to throw hard the key? Or getting it on your finger fast. Trying finger spin with Horizon and Shutter. Give technique and tips for this.

long finger nails on your non throwhand’s index finger. also watch paul kerbel’s video tutorials.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with fingerspins on my shutter and a little on my puffin 2 seeming that those are the only 2 of my 26 high end throws that will allow me to do so, here are some tips.

If you are using a shutter, for me it depends on the edition. I find that if you have the standard blasted edition with the engravings in the center of the cup (like mine) the engravings grind away at the finger nail like a nail filer would do making fingerspins hard and akward, especially if you hate the feel of nail filers.
If you don’t have long nails, make sure that your hands (especially fingertips) are cool and dry (it’s easy for me to say because I’m in the middle of a Canadian winter).
Like what Owen said above, watch Paul Kerbel’s tutorial.

For the horizon, make sure your finger isn’t stiff. You have to let the yoyo vibrate your finger (for the horizon it is also very important for the yoyo to be completely horizontal).