Needs finger spin help


I want to get good at finger spins but cant find great tutorials


Did you see this thread from last year?,91503.0.html

Hopefully it’s helpful 8)


Not sure if you need help still, but some tips I have are;

  1. Throw hella hard, harder than you ever have before.
  2. make sure your hitting the rim of the yoyo, it should balance itself out.
  3. make sure your hands are clean, your yoyo will spin out fast if it grips your finger
  4. make sure your finger is limp, and kinda curled so it hits your finger nail.
    5.Try using a yoyo glove, if your spinning out to fast
  5. make sure your using a yoyo that is able to fingerspin.

Try linking a video of you trying it, that would help us tons. :wink:


Make sure you’re comfortable with hopping the yo-yo on your finger, practice with a dead yoyo.


I learned from this video

(Ian sims) #6

I learned from my sky’s because no matter how bad you are at finger spins you can do them for at least five seconds

(Ian sims) #7

Skyva I mean stupid auto correct