Finger spins

I dont understand the technique used to have the yoyo spinning directly above the finger. When ever i do it, the yoyo always spins around my finger and loses so much speed.

Any tips?

have it spin on your finger nail and not your skin, I had this problem at first as well and it hitting my skin always made it do this.

Grow out your finger nail also bending you finger just a little bit around the cup helps to keep your finger in 1 spot.

With MOST yoyos, you actually need to do it at a bit of an angle and your finger goes where the flat part of the cup meets where the curve starts.

The fully full-on perfectly horizontal-as heck styles benefit greatly from specialized cups like the Mo-Vitation, Horizon, or Elysian have. If there’s a way to go truly horizontal on something like the Krown without having it spin out on you, I don’t know what it is.

What yoyo?