help with finger spins!

Ok guys, so ya know that guy, I think his name is mike Marshall? The heavy hitter 3 guy? Well he’s really good at finger spins, and they look really cool. So I wanted to try them.

Im using a yyf supernova, is that throw good for them? Anyway, I kinda just realized that the finger the yoyo spins on is you NON throw hand… I was using my throw hand… The string bunches up and Hurts my finger and stops the spin (like hubstacks do). So I can’t get it on my non throw hand!! Any tips? Im throwing a normal break away(still sleeping) but crooked, then poping it up. Im also using the outer cup, I would use the inner cup (which would give me longer spins) but the sting bunches up or whatever.

Am I supposed to use the flat part of the yoyo? Or can I only do finger spins with specific throws?

Sorry if this is hard to read, im tired about to go to bed and I can’t type very well :-.

The heavy hitter 3 has inward dimples to make finger spins easy. Like a yoyojam theory.

When you catch the yoyo on the inner cup, make sure the string is taut enough, and doesn’t hang too low. That should fix the bunching up

i cannot in to horizontalz, so i just do a 90° gyroscopic flop from a trapeze and hop the yoyo to my finger from there.

to avoid cutting your finger off with the string, don’t let the slack rub against lower half of the yoyo(I’d imagine that concave bearings would have an advantage, but don’t quote me on that)