Horizontal Finger Spin

How do I become paul kerbel with finger spins

I thought I’d take a break from all the other stuff cause I’m at the point where I’m learning magic drop and its okay but I want to do fun stuff now :smiley:

Watch his fingerspin tutorial.

Well, im in the same boat, idk how to get it to spin that long but i can get at least a few seconds, and enough to whip it back, but the biggest thing i found is that you really have to keep your finger like, loose, bend it at your first knuckle, i even think i have to keep it “looser” because i often get stuck on the inner rings and it spins out, also, keeping the string out of the way, because its so dumb when it catches and it tightens on your finger so tight. At lastly, my arm gets thrown out after like 10 minutes of practicing this, idk if you will have this issue but it made my arm srsly tired, and ive had pretty hurting shoulder for some time D:

OH! on more thing, when throwing the horizontal throw, if it gets 100% flat, ive found it harder, ive always had better luck with a slightly tilted throw, it will fix itself once it gets on the finger.

Idk man, i think hes magic though

To be good at anything you gotta practice

To be Paul Kerbel you must practice like him.

Anyway the more you do fingerspins the better you are at controlling em.

Beginner tips of the horizon are to simply watch his latest video tutorial talking about it. And as all say to relax the finger because think of it as a padding to compensate for the yoyo moving around alot. Slightly bent and no tension on your finger thats spinning the yoyo.

Can you do the basic fingerspin? If you can, you just have to practice from there. Work on hops and wraps(around your neck, arm, body, etc.) as you get better.

Once you can do a basic fingerspin everything else is fairly straightforward, you just need practice.

Horizontal fingerspins are pretty hard because the yoyo is spinning vertically :D… but anyway, just look at the pk tutorial.