Finger Spins <C3yoyodesign level 6> ;(

Hey guys,
Ive been trying to learn horizontal fingerspins with my C3yoyodesign level 6 :stuck_out_tongue:
I got them for an hour or two the other day (like 6~7 seconds) but then the next day I just completely lost them, Whenever I try and do them now the yoyo just keep gyrating around my finger quickly and loses alot of speed. Im wondering whether this is one of the yoyos where it takes a while to “break in” to fingerspins, cuz now when i look on my nails there is blue paint on the tips where i spin my yoyo on. If thats not the case… any tips or tricks to get them back?


You do need to follow this gyration with your finger. Pay attention to the angle you throw the yoyo as well

Don’t keep your finger too stiff

I also have same yoyo and it works perfectly for fingerspin and other horizontal trick

I agree don’t keep your finger too stiff

if the problem when binding then I think you need more practice it… if you can do air bind I think you can bind this trick too