Good throw for finger spins?

I want to try and learn finger spins. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good throw to learn on?

Depends on how you learn.

The easiest yoyo to fingerspin on, hands-down, is the Eternal Throw Elysian.

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another good option is the YYF horizon. I would not recommend the Elysian personally because the Yoyo is know to strip it’s axle very easily.

Elysian is an great choice - It’s probably the one yo-yo that will give you instant fingerspin gratification! As long as you can throw it sideways and hold up one finger, you should be able to fingerspin on an Elysian.

There’s plenty of other throws that are excellent for fingerspins but they will take a little more practice to get it right - I like the iYoYo Steel, Yicheng Luo L5, and YYF Horizon.

From experience, the easiest to do a fingerspin with is the Eternal Throw Elysian. If you are not looking to spend $120 on a yoyo right now but want to fingerspin, a YYF Horizon is a very close second and is only $45. Both of these yoyos are really good for both fingerspins and playing in general. If neither one of those fits you, go with a Shutter. They are harder to hit fingerspins with, but they do them well if you get it right.

I love the Horizon, but I don’t actually find it particularly easy to fingerspin on. It looks like it SHOULD be, but I just can’t hit those “forever” fingerspins. I have better luck with flat-hubbed yoyos and doing the fingerspin at an angle (the way you have to with most other yoyos). The fully-horizontal fingerspin on the Horizon continues to elude me.

Yes the horizon can be hard actually, once you get a good one down it can go forever though.

I like the OD Valor for finger spins. I can get it to finger spin while I haven’t had luck with my son’s Horizon. However, my son seems to be able to fingerspin anything - Horizon, Valor, Too HOT, XLR8…he loves finger spins

If you are really good for fingerspins, the Theory is incredible. I forgot to mention that earlier.

I guess my Horizon is different from all the others. All I have to do is get my finger in the middle and it centers itself (kinda like the Elysian but not as snug, obviously) and just goes and goes and goes.

If you don’t want an over-sized throw like the yyf horizon(though its not that big), take a look at the Yoyofficer Orbis.

I know a lot of people who don’t like it for fingerspins, but one of my personal favorites is the YYF Shu-Ta. Also you can’t really go wrong with the Horizon.

Which throw for fingerspins? Throwing horizontally normally helps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yes it does. That is how you fingerspin. What’s your point?

Sarcasm on sarcasm. Brilliant!