Good throws for fingerspins under $50(New or used)


Hi, I’m looking into getting into more horizontal play, and I wanted to try some fingerspins, however most of my yoyos right now are not very good for fingerspins, so it’s harder to do them. Can anyone reccomend a good yoyo for under/around $50 new or used that is good for fingerspins?


Edit: Changed to $50 so I can get 2 yoyos.


Get a Shu-Ta. I would say Horizon because it looks great for them, but i dont have one yet.


Horizon hands down. Have you seen that video of Paul Kerbel balancing a Horizon on a pen? Dang.




I heard the horizon was really really good at fingerspins buthaven’t tried it personally

The shutter has a really really good irg that you cant really do fingerspins but the shutta adds that little flare.

The prestige is pretty good at them, the movitatation was made for them in mind…

(Yiyang Wang) #6

Duncan Torque, Duncan Strix and Horizon. :smiley:

(major_seventh) #7

I’ve played the Horizon. It doesn’t even wobble on your finger. It’ll spin for 20 seconds at least off a hard throw.



I get 30+ seconds on mine.

So yeah, get a Horizon.


The new diffusion is pretty good for finger spins.

(major_seventh) #10

Eh not really.


Get a Horizon


Definitely get a horizon. I just got one and it is amazing