Fingerspin yoyos


Hi guys, I really wanna try a finger spin yoyo but I don’t know what to get. I’ve been looking at the mo vitation for a bit and I was going to get it… But then the horizon came out. The horizon is half the price… But I’m not a fan of the shape, mo vitation shape is something I can you for 1a as well because it’s my ideal shape for string tricks, plus I’ve been tempted to get a c3 for a while now. So it comes down to this… Should I get a horizon for 50 bucks just for finger spins or a 90 mo vitation for finger spins and 1a. Money isn’t really a problem but I would like a good value for money spent… Also are there any other options that go with this as well? Thanks :slight_smile:

My play style …
I used to be sponsored… So I wouldn’t consider my self a bad yoyoer
I have a smooth medium paces Slacky flow tetchy style… But I like to use something you would use for speed.
Fav yoyos , hazmat code 2 and OG avalanche
I like heavier yoyos but lighter ones seem to favor me more, <3 floaty yoyos
I like full sized and mid sized… Nothing smaller than 54 mm.
That’s about it… :slight_smile:




There’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t pull off some fantastic 1A stuff with the Horizon. Have you considered the Werrd 86400? The blast finish on Werrd stuff is fantastic for grinds and finger spins.