which one?

hey guys whats up i was wondering if you could help me get ideas for what yoyo to buy within 60 dollar price range but 40 is perfered no shutter or horizon. Yoyos that have super awesome finger spins, with a smooth finish so good for grinds, good for horizontal so h or v, h preferred and most importantly the best stability possible as much stability as i can get. thanks

Besides the “no horizon…” you just described the horizon. Why not the horizon? Do you have one?

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Unless you can somehow buy stuff from #BillyBobsChina#, there really arent many yoyos with a fingerspin center below $60.

Really? Duncan Torque, Duncan Echo. Duncan Strix.

strix yes, but torque ang echo do not have a spin center.

stuarttw yes i have a horizon

Yes they do. They can both finger spin very well.