C3 M.O.V.E vs YYF Horizon


Hey, I’d like to buy me a metal finger grind machine (alredy have the Skyva)! But, I also want a versatile throw. I don’t really play of axis, so it is not important that it’s good at horizontal. Thanks guys!


It depends on what you want. Do you want a yoyo that fingerspins in one place for a long time, or a good yoyo for hopping fingerspin tricks?


The move and horizon are now two of my favorite yoyos! Either one is great but hear are a few of the different things to consider.

The move has a much better “quick center” ability to it. I would say it is definitely better if you are looking to pop right into a fingerspin. Whereas the horizon may take a bit more time to get used to and to get it to quickly dead center. Once you figure it out though, it just keeps going. The horizon is exceptionally stable where as the move is so so.


Ok thanks guys. I want a stable throw that have a great spin time. So, the horizon would be the best choice?


The horizon would be a great choice if you want stable!


Good thank you!