Yoyojam revival vs. yoyofactory horizon


I am looking to buy a new yoyo and I was just wondering which one is better. If any of you own one can you please tell me about how long the spin time is and if you recommend them.


Keep in mind just how big the horizon is since it’s considerably larger than the revival and sits in the oversize range. I personally find oversize lots of fun though.

You’re comparing 2 completely different throws that both perform extremely well but cater to different styles of play

Both will have more than enough spin time. Are you looking for stability, horizontal play, fingerspins, speed, or anything else specifically in your throw?


I’m mostly looking for stability

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in that case, horizon by a long shot. The only possible problem would be the large size.


the horizon is really good, when you try it you will see that the size really doesn’t matter and even makes the yoyo better


I just received my Horizon today and have only used for a few minutes. So far it plays and feels fantastic and is very stable.