bechmark vs Horizon vs orbis

please help me choose, the comment also accepted, thank you

What do you want in a yoyo?
For competition i’d say the Horizon hands down.
If you want something not fullsize then there’s the Orbis.

Benchmarks are everything you need from each shape. Horizon is a violent H shape made for horizontal play. Never tried an Orbis.

actually i found the horizon more of a v shape. However if you like fingerspins the horizon is probably more than enough. however if you like a smooth yoyo i’d go with the benchmarks.

It l00ks easier to land fingerspins on the orbis than the hrz to me

What i want in the yoyo is it can handle speed play both vertical and horizontal. And the one that spin for days.

Horizon has a long spin time, but it isn’t as fast and nimble as other throws.

Well then, if size isn’t an issue the Horizon is the one that really spins for days. If you don’t want a throw that big the Orbis is your best bet i think. Don’t think the Benchmarks are going to be quite as good at horizontal. But i might be wrong about that…

your right that they aren’t as good for horizontal but, they can handle everything else you throw at them though.

Yes. But he clearly states that he wants something thats good at both horizontal and normal play. So that kinda rule the benchmarks out of the equation.

Orbis. I love how not heavy feeling it is.