YYF Horizon Shape

I’ve been thinking about buying a horizon (Because of the shape, mostly :slight_smile: ) and I was wondering what the shape contributes to the overall feel

PS if there is a topic already like this, pls point me to it. Couldn’t find it myself :confused:

I personally did not like the Horizon. I felt that the catch zone was to big and would constantly be hitting more than one string. No I am not a beginner. I also felt that what YYE said about the spin time is not true at all. The spin time is about the same as the Shutters, maybe a little less. I know a lot of people who love the yoyo though, so it’s probably worth a shot.

cool thanks. :slight_smile:

I personally do not like the way the Horizon feels in my hands. I have the Metal Replay, Horizon, Shutter, Summit and Irony. Out of my YoYos, the Horizon has to be the less comfortable shape. It’s still a great YoYo though.

Don’t worry about how it feels in your hand. And it’s about as good of a yoyo as you’ll find these days

The Horizon is one of my personal favorites. It’s so stable, I find that it’s size is more of a benefit than anything. The extra mass adds a nice weight to the yoyo, while still feeling agile.

It’s a really good yoyo and (IMO) amazing for the price. I have a Citizen and still I take a lot of time to play with the Horizon. It has a very unique feel, it really does have good spin time, and it can still go really fast! It is also super stable which is great for beginners. Plus it is amazing at horizontal and fingerspins forever.

I’ve had my horizon for 2 weeks now. I really enjoy it. If you want something similar, but slightly lighter, the YYO Orbis is great too.

I feel the Horizon has lots of rim-weight. It is heavy but feels great both in the hand and on the string. One of my overall favorite throws.

It is just the most stable yoyo I own

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Get a recent premium splash if you have to. The earlier runs have inconsistent qcs

The horizon is actually quite a hefty sleeper. It’s a bit big but an interesting throw. Good for relaxation sessions where you just want to take it slow.

Paul seems to get plenty of spin time out of it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll admit, it’s stable and it’s got great sleep times, but there’s something about the shape that doesn’t really work for me. I tend to prefer more comfortable, organic-y shaped yoyos so the wacky/aggressive shaping of the Horizon and me don’t really get along.

Still, great yoyo for the price and it comes in many many beautiful colours. Great for fingerspins as well. :slight_smile:

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Yea I agree with Gambit its a really great yoyo but the shape isn’t very comfortable in the hand.

I’ll third this

I agree a bit but it’s really a fun yoyo. It takes my creativeness to another level.

cool thanks for all the great comments. ;D

No problem that’s what forums are for