Good yoyo for learning


So i want to buy an all-round yoyo under 50$ with good spin time, solid feeling and no to big to make the tech intricate tricks hard to do. It is because i want a yoyo that spin long enough to have me learn and work on new trick. I am thinking of the yyf paolista but i still wanna make sure are there any better choices.


Shutter and horizon are good and inexpensive yoyos.




I would definitely say Horizon. I regretted buying the Shutter but I will want to buy more horizons

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I would honestly say the YYF Shutter. The Horizon is good but in my experience it is a little less stable and hence has shorter spin times. I started with a Shutter and have since bought another. Hope this helps!


Get the horizon it’s the most stable and long spinning yoyo I’ve ever played wkth


Thanks for all of your advices, but I have already had the horizon and i don’t like its shape very much. It is also too big for me. Maybe i will chose the shutter but there is one last thing i wanna no: Can the shutter play 3a and 5a?


If you’re looking for a good yoyo that also plays 3a and 5a go for the yoyotricks canon.



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The One Drop benchmark W is awesome.


The horizon is big. Nothing.wrong with that, just it might move a little tricky for tech if you have small hands. If you are looking for a good 1a/5a yoyo, the Duncan origami might be good. It looks somewhat like a shutter, and, from my limited experience, plays like one to some extent. The canon would also be a great option, but if you are looking for a super powerful throw for learning tricks, the yoyofactory paolista or yoyofactory czechpoint have more mass on the rims then the shutter or origami.


What? You can’t be for real.


^ :joy::joy::joy: The Horizon is one of the most stable and long spinning throws I own!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>