Which budget metal yoyo?

So hello everyone,
Im new on this forum.
I came here for some suggestions.I want to get a metal yoyo,a good one.I want a yoyo that will cost under 50$ …and when I was researching.I couldn’t choose which one:Yomega Glide,YYF Shutter,Horizon,Duncan Barracuda?I liked these 4.I watched reviews of them,they are all good.
Can someone help me out?Please NO BIASED ANSWERS. :wink: ???

What is your style? Just casual or are you into tech and competing?

Given that you don’t know which one to get, you probably don’t have a super clear idea of what you like yet, no offense.

Considering that, I would get a horizon if you want a long spinning, stable yoyo good at grinds, the shutter if you want a yoyo that allows you to do all different kinds of tricks without being really hard to use for any one type, and the Barracuda if you want a yoyo thats good for speed type tricks.(I haven’t tried it, but thats my guess) I dislike the glide, it feels really heavy and slow while not taking advantage of the weight, but its so cheap, I won’t tell you not to get it. You may like heavy yoyos, and even if you don’t, you would have spent a lot less money. Would you be getting the responsive version?

Shutter has my vote.

I would say the shutter or the barracuda. I haven’t played the 2016 barracuda, but I have tried the old one and liked it. Another great option is the aluminum dream. Great yoyo!

I’ve tried all of them except the horizon. I personally like H shape yoyos so the glide is fun for me but I do use the shutter a lot. The weight of the barracuda caused it to feel less agile than the other two. I’m looking to try a horizon soon. For a normal sized throw you can’t go wrong with the glide or shutter. Shutter will probably be more forgiving than the glide would be on sloppy throws and technique


The Glide is fairly forgiving in my experience, I had it for about a year before I traded it. The shape minimizes string friction, and has a big catch zone, so would be great at horizontal except for the fact that it is 68 grams and every gram of that mass is felt on the string. One thing that it is good at: Fingergrinds, it has a slot that allows for 7-10 second grinds easily. On the whole, I’d go with a shutter if you’re deciding between it and the glide.

I agree with that. Still, the glide in my experience has better string feel than the barracuda.


I have all these yoyo’s, personally I love the glide, more than the shutter and especially for the price, you can get them for $34.99 free shipping right now

Where? Yoyoexpert doesn’t have free shipping. ::slight_smile:

Still confused.
I like very long spin times,I want a very stable yoyo.And Im trying out the horizontal play,so ye,I want it too be good for horizontal style of play.Oh and Im not super fast player.Please more arguments.And maybe other Yo-Yos suggestions?

Im a casual.

I say the Horizon. I personally didn’t like the Shutter at the time, but the Horizon is stable and long spinning. It’s also oversized so it’s a little easier to catch and if you want to get into finger spinning it helps. This is my vote and even after a year of having one, I rather get another Horizon than the Shutter. If not the Horizon, the I would look into the IYOYO HiDRA. Horizon first, HiDRA second.

Any idea when the horizon ultra is releasing?

I like my shutter better than my horizon. Haven’t tried the others. You really can’t go wrong with either, but for me the shutter just feels the most versatile.

Now it’s getting more clear,but I see most votes for Yomega Glide and Horizon.Will it be wrong if I go with for example Glide,or not Glide but Horizon?So doesnt matter which one of those I will pick,it will be a still safe choice?

I also checked out OD Gauntlet and Vanguard, aswell YYF Aviator 2 and Dogma.Yes I said under 50$,but Dogma and Aviator only 2$ more.
Btw about Gauntlet and Vanguard.Should I switch their bearings with Center trac or Dif-e Yo Konkave bearing?Will it be worth it?If not then…
…And should I keep choices just with these three:YYF Dogma or Aviator 2 or Horizon?And if yes then which one?
This thread is getting big I gotta stop with these questions and already pick one… :o

One drop ten balls are my favorite bearings. I put ten balls in as an upgrade to my other bearings lol. And they are so cheap it’s easy to just have a bunch as backups. Sometimes they get bad reviews but I think it’s because people don’t give them the chance to break in. Sometimes you get one that is absolutely perfect from the get go and other times they take a bit to get good but once they are they’re awesome.

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If you aren’t considering the barracuda anymore I wouldn’t consider the aviator either, they play and feel very similar. Really at this point you got to ask yourself do you want a bigger diameter or smaller diameter. And as far as the width you would probably want a longer width if you want easier catch zone


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Hmmm ok.I like diameters around 56-57 and width around 43-44 maybe even 45-46