What should I get in the mail?!

Hey guys, i’m looking for a new metal yoyo (40$-60$). There is so much different throws. I was looking for a shutter but, I don’t know. I need to know:

  1. If it’s that good.
  2. What would you propose to me (except the shutter) and why.

P.S.:I’m not that much into undersized throws.

Thanks guys so much!

I would recommend the horizon. I recently obtained another horizon. My first experience was kind of meh, but I think I have progressed more and had the ability to try many more yoyos. It really performs well. Exceptionally stable, fingerspins great (once you learn the general concept), and is just an over all very nice yoyo.

You can’t go wrong with the shutter either though!

If you’re in to stability and long sleep times, get a super g. I just put mine up for sale.

If you want something else, I would go with a d10

d10 is great too!

Actually, I was also interested by the horizon, just forgot to mention it. Thank you really much!

Thank you guys for your help! I’ll give a look at these throws!

I just bought the iYoyo VERiTAS. I should get it sometime this week. It has a similar cup shape to the horizon, I’ll let you know how it is.

Thanks! I’m usually not a big fan of undersized throws but I was curious about this one!

Did someone tried the c3 MOVE? I can’t find a good review about this one.

I should have one coming in within the next week or two.

Great! Let me know how it is! :slight_smile:

  • Rebellion Start the Riot matt black (I’ve already one silver)
  • SPYY Tyy-01

A liiiiitle bit out of my price range. But hey, thanks!

I just got the veritas and I think it plays pretty well. It has a little bit of inherent vibe, but good stability and decent spin times. And with my mediocre horizontal skills, the veritas seems to handle well in that department too.

I assume the horizion will fingerspin better because the cup is bigger and easier to land but I doubt it is more comfortable in the hand than the veritas.

This might be an overused description for a yoyo but this is a good all around player. Not excellent at anything but good in all departments. Seems to pull ahead of similar priced yoyos in the horizontal department though.

I played the veritas for only a day now so keep that in mind

Hey thanks a lot for the little review! I was curious about this one.