What should I get?


I have just saved up $45 and I can’t decide what yoyo I should get. I either want the horizon, shutter, or the canon. Which one should I get??


My vote would be the shutter. It’s just a fantastic yoyo overall. And it is super stable for learning tricks on as well. The horizon is good too but it’s just too
heavy/large for my taste.


Agreed 100%


What do you already have? If you don’t have anything that can fingerspin, go for the horizon. If you do, go for the Shutter. If you are interested in 5a, get the Canon, as it comes with a counterweight(and was used to get second place by Jake Elliot in this years world yoyo contest!) I got the Horizon as my first 45 dollar yoyo, and I still use it often, but any of the other choices would be great as well. Happy throwing!


I’d go with the Horizon, it’s more stable and longer spinning in my opinion. I’ve always seen the Shutter as a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of deal. It’s decent at everything but not particularly great at anything.


I’m my opinion, the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ yoyos tend to be the best around.


I just think the Shutter’s cup is a little too busy and that sacrifices stability and spin time. That’d be okay if it was great at fingerspins, thumb grinds, and maybe palm grinds but it’s just decent for them in my opinion.

When I think Skyva I think a yoyo that’s great for fingerspins, when I think Diplomat I think stability, pure performance. When I think Shutter I just think average.

It’s so popular because it was great when it was released and it has Gentry’s name, so it’s a good base to compare to, but I don’t think it’s the gold standard of it’s price point anymore.


Yeah thx for all your advice but I think I’m going to go with the horizon. Paul kerbel can do awesome tricks with it and so can I. It will be easier with the same yoyo


The Horizon is a great choice! Let us know how you enjoy it!


I always find myself picking up the Horizon, great yoyo!